Why Cyrus


Cyrus has high expertise and performance in micro molding of advanced products. From handling and processing of all kind of resins; to ultra-high precision complex mold design & fabrication; to molding and validation; to stringent quality monitoring right up to packaging, all the time, our people are striving for perfection in advance micro molding.


Cyrus is also committed to meeting or exceeding customer expectations through continuous improvement of our entire process. This commitment is achieved by the dedication of all our employees and most importantly your project is overseen by knowledgeable and experience program team.


Here are a few reasons why Cyrus is the right partner for you.


Expert Problem Solver

Expert Problem Solver

Many customers came and looked upon Cyrus to “rescue” their projects after failed attempts with others. In Cyrus, we dare to take up challenges and explore beyond conventional mold design. All across in Cyrus, we approach difficulties with open mind. Our mindset and culture, our science and technology, have remarkably set us apart from other mold makers. Working closely with customers, we innovated our tool designs and realized many seemingly impossible product designs into possible designs for manufacturing.

Quality You Can See

Quality You Can See

It is with Cyrus’s 100% in-house manufacturing that micro-sized parts and features, micro-geometries and tight tolerance are achieved. Our quality testing exceeds that of any other molders in our field. In fact,our standards are usually above our customers’ requirements. In an industry where precision is paramount, integrated inspection systems allow us to trace to the nth degree, leaving no doubt about ensuring the success of our customers’ products.

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

Product developers like working with Cyrus because of our fast turnaround time and speed to market. Cyrus produces acceptable products on the first mold sampling 95% of the time.

Tools fabricated in Cyrus are being validated for their functionality and process stability before they are approved for mass production. All procedures and process data are carefully handled and documented for traceability.

Quality and Validation

  • Custom packaging for micro parts
  • Capabilities studies/DOE/Gauge R&R
  • IQ/OQ/PQ validation
  • CT scanning services (external)
  • Micro scanning


  • White room production
  • Class 7 certified cleanroom
  • Climate and humidity-controlled metrology lab
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • ISO 14001 certified
  • ISO 13485 certified


  • Leading edge tool making machines and injection machines.
  • Finest quality measuring equipment

Mold Making Principles

  • 100% in-house to protect customers’ IP
  • Precision Mold making under microscope
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