“We are your one stop solution provider.”

It all began in 2005 when founder Mr. Daniel Woo formed Cyrus Technology (Singapore) Private Limited.

Cyrus Technology started with the vision to approach polymeric tooling design in unconventional methods and providing manufacturing solutions to exacting specifications for ultra-precision and complex molding. It is known that clients and also in Cyrus Technology, that to be a leader in the industry requires pushing boundaries and overcoming known limits which forms Cyrus’s Vision

“To delight and bring innovation to the world”

By Daniel Woo, Managing Director

Cyrus Technology’s ability to manage precision processes towards the quest for perfection takes team work and dedication. And in so doing, Cyrus Technology adhere to a Philosophy that begins and ends with its people –

“Try not to be a man of success but rather be a man of value”

By Albert Einstein

Cyrus Technology works hard in adding value is a commitment to ensure that our clients receive resolutions to keep them in the lead. As such, Cyrus Technology is always searching for the right people and constantly invest in technology and equipment which leads us to our Mission –

“To build the most effective company of valued team players that make continuous improvements in delighting our customers through rapid response, on-time delivery, personalized service and right quality”

by Daniel Woo, Managing Director

Micro Tube with Mesh


Daily output of 300,000 pieces and over 130 millions pieces delivered.

Making the micro tube was already an uphill challenge and not to mention about producing it in mass volume and meeting all the stringent quality tests.

The part was not only at micro level but in addition, an extremely thin and tiny mesh had to be securely bonded at the rim of the tube. In the eyes of many tool makers, it was an impossible part to make.

We learnt from our customers that they had sourced globally to produce the part but unfortunately, failure was the only answer they had gotten. Many had tried but failed.

Cyrus set up and culture were intended for micro manufacturing. When we were approached with the micro tube, it was more of how to perfect it than how to produce it. Within a short span of about three months, to the delight of our customer, we managed to turn out the first piece of sample with perfection.

This part went into mass production with fully automated quality inspection. Successfully, we had delivered more than 130 millions pieces.

Housing with an Arc Core

Impossible shape for molding?

For this arc profile design with undercuts, in order to make things possible for production, our customer would split the part into two halves and then glued them together. Nonetheless, the process of doing so was messy and time consuming. Undesirably, quality was also badly affected with low yield because of process rejection.

Our customer continued to suffer with the problem until it came to a point when they felt that enough was enough. They decided to change the part’s industrial design (ID) if no vender could produce the part as one molded piece.

By nature of the part three dimensional arc profile, it meant that the entire core movement was restricted based on conventional kind of mold design. Then, there were two undercuts at the inner side walls that got in the way for mold release. To make thing worse, no gate was allowed on the appearance.

When Cyrus was tasked with the challenge, immediately we knew that we had to think out of the box. Pushing the boundaries and breaking away from known limits were the direction.

Eventually, through the dedication of “making things happen” and the commitment of providing solution to our customers to keep them in the lead, the part was successfully produced and into mass production.

An ingenius core release mechanism involving retractable sub-cores to first release the two undercuts created by the two catches followed by the arc-path ejection of the part.

In-Ear Headphones

Is the logo printed?

No. The logo is molded out.

It was imperative to our client that their company logo should not wear out over time when this product badge was developed.

Existing printing ink technology could not withstand the repeated rubbing and chemical testing unless a layer of lacquering was coated over the print. But that lacquer layer would make the premium product looked cheap with its glossy look, like a keyboard’s typing key appearance.

The idea was to have the logo injected using two colors molding, however, this approach came to a halt because the blue portion within the letters “B” and “O” could not be filled with conventional molding methods.

Once again, thinking out of the box and working hand in hand with our customer, Cyrus provided a solution leading to the successful launch of the 2K product badge for our customer. The spin-off effect of this 2K molding badge was that it helped to differentiate the genuine from the counterfeit products in the competitive market, doing so and largely protected the copyright interest of our customer.

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