Careers Opportunities

Cyrus Technology is a worldwide leader in the

Have a particular assortment. Most companies will require that you submit a proposition for a project before you are hired for one. After this is complete you are in a position to paper writer work on your own timetable and the company may begin to formulate a strategy for the project’s completion.

advance molding of ultra-precision parts. We serve multiple industries including medical, micro electronics, micro optics and emerging technologies applications.

Cyrus Technology is always seeking talented, hardworking individuals who share our commitment to producing quality products for our customers. We employ people in many roles such as Tool & Die Machinists, Mold Makers, Process Engineers, Program Engineers, Product Engineers, in addition to manufacturing technicians, process technicians, CNC programmers /machinists, maintenance technicians and operators. Join the Cyrus’s talented, dedicatedand growing team.

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