Product Development & Engineering


Leverage on our expertise
to actualize your invention

from the beginning.

Cyrus Technology offers expertise at every stage of the product design to manufacturing process. Here in Cyrus, we are able transform your market opportunity ideas into a real marketable product. We have a team of engineers with a broad range of industry experience working throughout the product lifecycle from product ideation to production. Our product development abilities covers concept development, systems design, product prototyping and detail design of products including the design for manufacture and assembly.

Material Expertise


When a standard single resin pallet
can fill a few micro size parts, the
method of handling and processing the
resins has to be different from
conventional technique…

Cyrus is accustomed to working and handling exotic and high performance materials such as PEEK, PEI, glass-filled LCP. TPE and TPU materials are also very common in our projects and often use in 2K and 3K molding projects.

So, whether your products requires multiple materials for the most intricate over-mold component, micro parts, or insert molding, we have the necessary knowledge and extensive experience to achieve success.



Advance molding is our forte and Cyrus is capable of many kinds of molds:

2K and 3K molds
Micro molds
Insert molds
Unscrewing molds
Combination molds
Complex mechanism molds

Tooling is the heart of a successful molding. As such, Cyrus’s tool room is built on the foundation of quality craftsmanship and the finest equipment Cyrus can offer. Our team of meticulous engineers and craftsmen are highly trained and competent to take on high precision tool design and fabrication in the microns level.

We are fully equipped to have the entire mold build 100% in-house and Cyrus utilizes some of Japan’s finest equipment to build our ultra precision molds.

Most of our tooling are created for micro parts that calls for accuracy < 10 microns. As such, our molds are made under a microscope as this is the only way to see the micro features in these molds.




Advance molding especially micro molding is a specialize process. Cyrus has helped many clients in turning their impossible molding projects into success, this means that we have absolute confidence in handling and successfully completing any manufacturing challenge involving all kinds of advance and micro parts.


✔ Follows Scientific Molding Techniques

✔ IQ/OQ/PQ Validation

✔ Mold Flow Analysis

✔ DFM / DFQ Analysis

✔ Root Cause & Failure Mode Analysis

✔ Micro automation Design & Fabrication

✔ Robust Process Design





If a part cannot be measured or quantify then it cannot be manufactured. It is important that the manufactured part is statistically capable of meeting specifications.





At Cyrus, customized fixture; automated visual checking system and non-contact OGP measurement programs are created and validated in-house for each unique part. Measurement systems are validated for inspecting all critical dimensions with Gauge R&R so there is high confidence that the data provided to the customer is valid and captured with accuracy.

When it comes to ASTM standard involving GD&T dimensioning qualification such as true position involving 3 datum or complex surface profile, conventional 2D measuring equipment cannot do the job. We turn to our partner for CT scanning for part quantification. Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of micro molding is the metrology and Gauge R&R, where it is common to have large error margin in
measurement and CT scanning is used at times to
obtain accurate metrology data.


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